What is the best cure for hair loss or hair loss treatment?
What is the best cure for hair loss or hair loss treatment?

What is the best cure for hair loss or hair loss treatment?

When a man looks for the best cure for hair loss, could there be a more sensitive topic than this?

Well perhaps a couple come to mind that are on a par with this, one being a man’s expanding waistline, the other being a bit lower…. But it’s definitely a very touchy subject to discuss for many men, especially those who are thinning or receding.

Man’s Crowning glory? Or is it?

I thought I was fortunate in that I took after my late father in having a good head of hair.  His was dark, wavy, and thick, and stayed that way right up until he died. On the other hand, he had three brothers, one had hair like him, one was totally bald from a young age, the other had heavily receded and thin hair, almost bald in fact. So yes, I considered myself lucky, especially as my two brothers inherited the poor hair genes obviously inherent in our family tree and  given the fact my maternal grandfather was follicly challenged also, then yes, I was very fortunate.

Not that fortunate though, read my product review here….

All things end well….

Perhaps not. For years my hair was fine, or so I thought, until the day Amanda informed me otherwise. One of her many talents is being a trained hairdresser. Which is great, because no one in the family has had to pay for a haircut for over 30 years now. Anyhow, this particular day when cutting my hair, she remarked it was becoming thinner and i might need to look for a cure for hair loss, and added I was developing a “monks cap” around my crown. She found this quite funny, or maybe it was my reaction to the news she found funny.

cure for hair loss

I feel I have to put it out here that I’m not really that vain, or rather the fact I’m not vain at all now. Years back, when I was a young man, when out and about socializing  in the 80’s and 90’s, the decades when perhaps image was everything. I was very image conscious, I was vain, I even carried my best friend with me, a comb for goodness’ sake, going to the washroom upon entry to every club and tidying my hair in an effort to be looking my best at all times.

It never entered my head that one day I'd be looking for the best cure for hair loss in middle aged men. Thinking back, some of us were all a bit pathetic in those days, yours truly included. When you consider my take on life now, well, I’m so laid back,  I can certainly say I’ve gone full circle, and that is so much for the better I believe.

To be or not to be? A cure for hair loss.

If I had ever been informed when I was younger, that I was going or going to be bald, then I would simply have accepted this, moved on, and it wouldn’t have bothered me one bit. At least not then. . But not all men think the same…and now I’m aging, I’m thinking I need to find a cure for hair loss or even a hair restorer product.

You grow up. You age, mature, call it what you will. You realise people, family included, see you for who you are, not how nice your hair is. That’s a fact but try telling that to a young man on the socializing scene….

Which brings me to the subject in hand. Do you, should you, or would you do anything about this hair thinning situation? Having asked my friends, I find the answers were quite a mixed bag. Some would look into finding a cure for hair loss or restoring the issue, some would just leave it and let nature take its course, a couple said they would shave everything off and go that way. Interesting.

Going to the options available – Hair loss treatment

Hair grafting, transplant, and scalp reduction. Firstly, none of these are for me. Too painful, too time consuming, too expensive. I’m not one who likes needles or procedures of any kind, and I realise I’m fortunate that my hair concern is only minor, or at least that is my mindset anyhow. Certainly not one where I would consider any of these procedures. However, I do understand why many men would, and if that’s their aim, then please you go for it, and I do wish you the best of luck.

My aim was to do something simple, that would slightly thicken my hair, a cure for hair loss if you like, keeping it more or less as it is currently. I wanted to do this as easily as possible. I certainly didn’t want any surgical procedures, clinical tests, doctor visits, just a simple process that worked. I wasn’t even expecting any great results from anything I was about to try either.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained was the mindset. I did a bit of research, googling as you do, reading up on things, and eventually decided on a cure for hair loss treatment that looked fine for me and was what I wanted. Nothing too invasive, it  had to be FDA approved, not too expensive, and yielded results fairly quickly. Not a lot to ask for I thought.

Did I find it? Does it work?

Yes, I did, and it does is the simple answer. It does everything I wanted from it. Simple to apply, twice daily, no side effects, Clinically approved with no harmful chemicals.

shutterstock 1945794616

It’s a natural treatment that restores your hair without too much work involved, perfect for me really, and  I think because I wasn’t that concerned about my hair loss as it stood, and wasn’t really expecting any great results, it worked better than I ever imagined. Would I recommend it? Yes, most certainly. At the very least, click through the link below and find out more. It may just surprise you as well.


I think in all honesty it’s a confidence thing with many men, hence it has become a touchy subject for some. But if you really wish to do something about a cure for hair loss, whether it be for your confidence, for your feel good factor, or simply to hold onto what you have (as many do), then please check out Folisin.

If you’re wanting thicker, healthier, and rejuvenated hair, then this could just be a quick read away.  Whatever your reasons, and I’m sure there are many different ones, you can do a lot worse than checking out this treatment.

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Let me know what you think in the comments below:


Cure for hair loss?

Uncovering the root cause of hair loss is essential to devise and implement an effective treatment plan. Fortunately, there exists a plethora of solutions tailored to your unique needs that include lifestyle changes, medications, or surgery.

If you're looking for the most effective cure for hair loss, be sure to visit a doctor to obtain an accurate diagnosis and learn more about your treatment options. Uncovering the root cause of your hair loss is essential if you want to find a successful remedy; by addressing it directly, you can restore healthy growth once again.

how to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally

Re-growing your hair without the use of chemicals or medications is achievable, although results can be unpredictable based on what is causing the loss. Eating nutritiously and exercising regularly will not only boost general health but may also reduce unwanted hair shedding. Combining these two elements into one's lifestyle could lead to a significant improvement in restoring thinning locks!

If you want to invigorate your scalp and promote hair growth, there are natural remedies on the market that can help. To find an optimal remedy for balding, we recommend speaking with a medical professional who can accurately diagnose the cause of your thinning locks and identify which treatments will be most effective in restoring healthy follicles.

how to stop hair fall immediately

Sadly, no treatment for hair loss can provide rapid outcomes. Nonetheless, you can take action to reduce the amount of hair coming out by lessening stress and consuming an adequately nutritious diet filled with proteins and vitamins. Research has revealed these two methods as potential solutions for decreasing hair fall.

To address hair loss in a more long-term and effective manner, it is recommended to consult a doctor who can help diagnose the underlying cause. Yet, you don't necessarily have to wait for an appointment – natural products such as coconut oil or castor oil may prove useful in strengthening your hair follicles!

Hair loss cure 2023

As there is presently no definitive cure for baldness, scientists are looking into possible treatments that could be available down the line. For instance, gene therapy has been looked at as a potential way to provoke hair growth and halt further thinning.

Excitingly, stem cell-based treatments are showing promise as an upcoming cure for hair loss. Sadly, it may take until 2023 or beyond for these therapies to be available but this signifies a positive step toward curing hair thinning that is being made.


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    Very useful text. Hair loss in men is much more common today than it used to be. Experts cite lifestyle changes, poor diet and daily stress as the main reasons. For most men, hair loss brings worry and disappointment with a new look, and thus inevitably leads to a loss of self-confidence.

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      I agree, self confidence plays a large part in a man’s search for a cure for hair problems. Thanks for your comment


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