Stop snoring. What’s the best way??
Stop snoring. What’s the best way??

Stop snoring. What’s the best way??

Stop snoring….hmm, this particular subject has caused quite a few debates between Amanda and myself. One of us simply can't stand it, the other is completely oblivious to it for obvious reasons…quite simply, I'm asleep.

To be honest, most people who snore have absolutely no idea they are doing it and I include myself in this. So if you live alone, it's generally not a problem. The reason being, unless it is causing you discomfort to the point where you awaken, then you would most likely be totally unaware of it.

However, on the other hand, if you have a partner, then you've probably been asked or instructed to find a solution. So the big question is; what's the best way to stop snoring?

You need to acknowledge the problem.

stop snoring

I had virtually no first hand experience of snoring until we brought Frankie our French Bulldog into our family.

He is quite simply the world champion at snoring. You would never imagine something so small, and as gorgeous as he is could produce such a deafening noise.

This breed of dog is notorious for this, (reminder to do due diligence in the future, bit late now though, :)) and Frankie, well, he snores for really long periods as well. Cute at first, not so cute now :). He even drowns out the TV…..

So, all those times when Amanda recorded my snoring, and my believing these sounds were being played back with the volume up loud to emphasize the point, now take on a different meaning. I could ignore it no longer, could no longer pretend it wasn't as bad as it was made out.

The point is; my wife equates the noise I make on a par with our dog….hmmm, now that I realize what she's had to put up with for years, I knew I had to do something about it.

But what? Different people need and have to deal with this in the way that suits them best.

Personally, I have asthma, so I'm looking for the most natural option, having devices or anything of that ilk in my nose or mouth whilst asleep is an absolute no for me. Never realised the journey to simply stop snoring was so difficult.

Looking into natural ways to stop snoring.

I've had many ways suggested to me, and probably tried a lot of them to be fair. Have a read, look at these, they just might work for you.

Sleeping on your side is one possible remedy to stop snoring. When you're snoring, unless you are prepared to record yourself, then your partner has to determine if this works or not.

Most people turn regularly when sleeping, left, right, on your back. Amanda remarks I snore mainly whilst sleeping on my back, and she moves me onto my side constantly, and she does say that this works pretty well.

Not much fun for her you have to admit, but, you can only try it for yourself. How you manage to keep yourself on your side all night is interesting….let me know please.

Another is raising the head of your bed, similar to using a reclining chair. Bumping your pillows up or using an additional one is pretty similar. I must admit this never worked for me. I found this too uncomfortable.

Personally I like to sleep pretty flat, but it is worth a try. It was also mentioned to get more sleep? Perhaps tiredness is a reason for snoring, again it's worth trying.

There are numerous gadgets available to help you stop snoring, however, anything that is nasal or restrictive in breathing terms is an absolute no go for me.

Placing something over my nostrils or reducing air intake in other ways is not recommended, especially for anyone that has breathing issues. I imagine they would be uncomfortable as well.

However, whilst not having tried any personally, and simply because of the market available online, I'm sure some of these are suitable for others. I'm not knocking them, but simply saying they're not for me.

The best gadget is ear plugs I'm told, but they're just a compromise and not for us anyway…. A lot of people try nasal strips, or a nasal dilator, not something for long term use, not for me anyway.

Get healthy, stop snoring.

Weight! Yes, no matter which health or self-improvement plan we all go to, the weight question always raises its head. Trying to stop snoring is no different, overweight people do tend to snore more than most, or so statistics tell us.

I've also heard it said overweight people are considered less healthy, and in this scenario more susceptible to snoring. To be honest, I'm no expert and I'll leave this to those better informed.

On the plus side, I have friends who are quite overweight, happily so, and trust me these guys are fitter and more active than me. You can work it out.

Snoring; smoking and alcohol.

Two things that are blamed for everything I think. One I totally agree with, the other not as much. Perhaps I'm biased here, but I stopped smoking over a decade ago.

It's a given that it's not good for your health, but I honestly have to say that comparing the times when I've been smoking or not smoking, Amanda states that it has had no bearing on my snoring issue. It is and has been constant during both periods.

Alcohol, well I'm a bit biased. Personally I like a drink. No harm in that. Real ale or a good rum. I'm partial to both. In moderation, it apparently alleviates the snoring.

Perhaps people are more relaxed….on the other hand over indulgence, that accentuates the issue terribly. The upshot from this, is that whilst alcohol has a bearing on snoring, it seems, in my case anyhow, that it only lessens or increases the effect. It doesn't cause it, nor does it stop snoring..


If you've read any other posts on our blog, you'll know we prefer natural products, especially when getting older. Setting about overcoming my snoring issue is no different.

There are many methods, many gadgets, techniques, exercise, theories etc which all claim to cure the snoring issue. Hmm, the downside is a lot of these can be awkward to use.

Snoran plus capsules to stop smoking

Me? Personally I like safe, natural and efficient. I've recently been using Snoran Plus. It's a simple capsule to swallow, nothing but natural ingredients, safe to use, works immediately and lasts for ten hours.

What's not too like? If you want to understand and find out more, and if this is what you're looking for simply click this link below:

I've no regrets, hopefully you might enjoy it too.


  1. James

    This is timely, I’m in a similar situation where my partner has recorded me snoring, and I swear she has got it off the internet. I’ve tried a couple of products but as far as I know, they could or could not be working. The missus is 50/50 what we found useful is if she goes to bed before me that way she doesn’t hear the snoring but that does not work all the time. I will have a look at the Sonoran plus, can you let me know what’s in them?

    1. Hi James,

      Simply click through on the link @ the bottom of the post. The full breakdown is in there. Nothing nasty I can assure you…

  2. Jelena

    Hey, just finished reading your article, it’s great. Well written and funny, I really liked it. Just one thing, I noticed someone left a comment three days ago with a question and there is no reply. Please communicate with your readers, make sure you answer their questions. And another thing, maybe you should write a little bit more about the product you are trying to sell, I feel like there is not enough information about it. There is a link but I think that you should describe it a little bit more in your post. Wish you all the best!

    1. Alan

      Hi Jelena,

      Pleased you liked the post. 

      I will, in future articles be more descriptive in regards to any product. 

      Thanks for your input…


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